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One of the most overlooked perks at online gambling sites is the cashback. One reason for their lesser visibility is a relative rarity. Still, each modern platform offers cashback bonuses for players.

What is a casino cashback bonus? 

When a player wagers a certain amount at a gambling website, they are typically eligible for cashback bonuses, which they can use to offset their losses. A player would get a portion of the money gambled returned through the bonus presented by the casino that offers cashback.

In most cashback bonuses, the reimbursed amount directly correlates with the player’s wagered sum. These cashback bonuses are credited directly to your account in cash or occasionally as playable credits. While the specific operation of these programs varies, they all share a common thread: awarding real money with minimal stipulations. However, it’s important to remember that cashback bonuses aren’t fixed. They fluctuate between cashback casinos and even individual players.

How does a cashback bonus at an online casino work?

Each best online casino 2024 should provide cashback bonuses. In contrast to deposit perks, which demand payment upfront, cashback bonuses let you recover a percentage of your losses. You have to lose on certain games or a broader category to be eligible for this bonus. With a 10% payback offer, for example, you would receive €10 in extra cash for every €100 you gambled and lost in a game. It’s crucial to remember that the benefits usually have restrictions imposed by the platform that offers casinos cashback bonuses. There is frequently a maximum amount.

Advantages and disadvantages of cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are becoming increasingly popular since they give players a safety net against losses. These offers may not be accessible everywhere, but they have tempting benefits. Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of using these bonuses.


  • Mitigate losses. By subscribing to these offers, players can recoup a percentage of their net losses. These percentages, typically ranging from 0.5% to 30%, vary depending on the specific bonus.
  • Extended gameplay. These offers provide players with additional funds to wager.
  • Minimal playthrough. These cashback bonuses are often distinguished by minimal or nonexistent wagering requirements.
  • Straightforward terms. Stringent conditions often accompany certain bonuses. This is not the case with cashback bonuses.


  • Limited games. You can only receive cashback bonuses when you play specific games.
  • Not generally accessible. While not a very uncommon bonus, you won’t find it at every gambling platform.

Types of casino cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses, such as in the Plinko app, may be divided into several categories according to their distinct conditions and structures. Let’s examine the primary categories of these bonuses:

On specific games

Certain games or genres are the focus of specific cashback bonuses. For instance, you may win a sizable return on your bets when playing games with an Ancient Egypt theme. The gambling platform that offers cashback bonuses uses such a creative marketing technique to produce these targeted deals.

On deposits

It offers a percentage return on your initial deposit, irrespective of your losses. For instance, claiming a 15% deposit cashback on a €100 deposit would credit your account with €15 in bonus casino funds.

With real money

These cashback bonuses offer a modest return on losses. The gambling platform that offers cashback directly deposits a refundable amount into your account. This sum typically scales proportionally with your losses; in simpler terms, the more you wager and lose, the greater the refund you receive.

With bonus casino funds

You will receive a portion of the money that you wagered but lost. But you won’t be able to take this money out — not until you use it to play and earn further money.

casino cashback bonuses

How to get a cashback bonus

You must claim the bonus casino before taking advantage of its perks. Usually, this is a quick and straightforward process:

  1. Pick a gambling platform that offers cashback bonuses.
  2. Carefully review the terms and conditions related to this bonus. This includes examining any wagering requirements, game limitations, maximum limits, and other potential restrictions.
  3. You will usually see an obvious button that says “Claim now,” which you must click.
  4. Before continuing, you must register if you have yet to create an account with the selected platform that offers cashback.
  5. Your cashback bonuses will generally be instantly applied to your account after completing the abovementioned procedures, so you may start taking advantage of it.

Specific bonus casino codes may be required to activate some benefits. In these circumstances, redeeming the unique cashback bonuses will be necessary to collect the cashback bonuses.

The basic rules and conditions for getting cashback bonuses at casinos

Despite their allure, cashback bonuses include restrictions that differ between cashback casinos. Nonetheless, a few standard clauses appear in the majority of offers:

  • Maximum payback amount. It limits the possible profit you may make from the bonus. Furthermore, it’s common for minimum payment limitations to exist, which prohibit you from getting a refund for small losses.
  • Certain cashback casinos may have minimum deposit restrictions before you can use the cashback bonuses. This discourages exceptionally modest deposits and establishes a baseline for participation.
  • Cashback bonuses have an expiration date. Depending on the cashback casinos, the expiration date usually ranges from 24 hours to a month.
  • Game limits. Cashback bonuses might apply to a limited number of games, often not including live casinos or table games. Slot machines are generally the main attraction, and some cashback casinos give payback on a more extensive selection of slots or even all of them.

No rate requirements

The casino that offers cashback usually has no wagering requirements or minimal ones. It means you will have more flexibility because you may keep any gains from the refund without further limitations. It’s also essential to remember that cashback bonuses with huge returns may come with minimal wagering requirements. This emphasizes how crucial it is to read the terms and conditions of any bonus carefully before claiming it.

5 rules when getting a cashback bonus

Gamblers may find cashback bonuses useful, but understanding their nuances calls for a calculated approach. To ensure you get the most out of it, keep the following points in mind:

  • The goal of cashback casinos is to encourage participation rather than provide players with limitless winnings. Usually, cashback bonuses offer a maximum restriction on the proportion of your net losses that are either set or progressive. Scrutinize this cap to determine the maximum amount you may get back for your losses.
  • Different cashback casinos have different plans. While one casino gives extra money that is only available for use in additional gaming, the other offers cashback in the form of actual cash that is immediately withdrawable. Rarely do you even get perks other than standard payback, like bonus casino spins.
  • The cashback bonus frequently doesn’t apply to certain games. While live casinos and some card games may not be available, slots are often covered.
  • The majority of cashback bonuses come with a minimum payment requirement. It prohibits claims for small losses.
  • These cashback bonuses have an expiration date. Depending on the casino, the expiration date ranges from 24 hours to a month. This encourages participants to take advantage of the deal within a reasonable amount of time.

Keep in mind that optimizing these rewards necessitates a calculated strategy. Examine the maximum amount carefully and make sure you use the bonus casino within the allotted time range and don’t let it expire.

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Frequently asked questions about cashback bonuses

  1. Is it possible to win real money with cashback bonuses?

    You certainly can. You may utilize the money you receive back when you receive a share of your losses to play casino games and win. But it’s crucial to be aware that certain cashback casinos demand that you place a bet before withdrawing your bonus.

  2. What is cashback at online cashback casinos?

    It’s a bonus wherein they refund you for a percentage of your losses over a predetermined time frame. Essentially, it acts as a safety net to lessen the blow of bad gaming.

  3. How many times can I get a cashback bonus?

    Depending on the particular platform that offers cashback, these cashback bonuses vary in regularity. While one casino gives cashback as a welcome bonus once, the other may include it in its loyalty program.

  4. Do all casinos have cashback bonuses?

    No, not every platform offers cashback. Though this functionality is becoming increasingly common, it has yet to be widespread.

  5. Do I need to wager a casino cashback bonus?

    Yes, before you can withdraw the bonus as real money, you’ll often need to bet the cashback bonuses amount a predetermined number of times. Reviewing the terms and conditions of the particular bonus offer is essential as this wagering requirement differs throughout cashback casinos.

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Online casino gamers may find cashback bonuses to be an invaluable incentive. They provide a safety net against losses by returning some of your bets if unsuccessful. In contrast to other bonuses, the refund usually has fewer limits, meaning you may retain your earnings without meeting many playthrough requirements.

Although they’re only available in some places, more and more cashback casinos provide cashback bonuses. You can use them to prolong your gaming sessions and recover some losses. So, remember the possible advantages of cashback bonuses the next time you’re looking at cashback casinos.

Olavi Lehtonen , a casino expert.